Get ready for an epic weekend at the Yellowstone Harvest Festival by the Yellowstone River on September 9th and 10th! To make your experience even better, join our awesome camping community. When you grab your festival tickets, just add a camping spot and you’ll be all set. Don’t worry about running out of space – our huge field next to the festival grounds has plenty of room for everyone to find the perfect spot.

When night falls, get ready for a mind-blowing show in the sky. The crystal-clear September night skies put on a jaw-dropping Milky Way display that you won’t forget. Hang out with new friends under the stars, sharing laughs and stories in the cool night air.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your tickets, pack your camping gear, and get ready for an unforgettable weekend filled with great music, tasty food and drinks, fun activities, and an amazing camping experience. See you at the Yellowstone Harvest Festival!

How It Works

  • Buy a camping pass when you get your ticket – $35. You can not camp without also buying a festival ticket
  • Camping is available after 4pm on Friday, September 8 through 10am on Monday, September 11
  • When you arrive, show your camping pass to get the camping wristband
  • Find your favorite spot and set up camp
  • Porta-Potties, hand-washing stations and trash receptacles will be available
  • Enjoy all the music and activities at the Yellowstone Harvest Fest

The Rules

No Pets

We love all animals, but unfortunately you’ll need to leave your best animal friends at home, including dogs, cats, snakes, etc. Pets aren’t allowed on the festival grounds. They don’t want to be tied up back at camp and we don’t want them overheating in cars! If you require a service animal, please contact

No Fires

We know that autumn is the perfect time for bonfires, but let’s save the s’mores and spooky stories for another time. We don’t want the Yellowstone Harvest Fest to turn into a hot mess, so please, no fires allowed. Let’s keep the festival cool and crisp, like a freshly-picked apple.

No Guns or Weapons

This is a time to celebrate the beauty of the season, savor delicious foods, and listen to great country and bluegrass music. In order to maintain a peaceful and safe environment for all, we ask that you refrain from bringing guns or weapons to the festival. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

Be Nice

We’re here to have a good time and celebrate the season, so let’s keep it friendly and fun! The rule of ‘Be Nice’ means treating everyone with kindness and respect, whether you’re dancing to some bluegrass tunes or chowing down on a delicious apple pie. So let’s spread some good vibes, make new friends, and enjoy the Yellowstone Harvest Fest to the fullest!

Quiet at 2 AM

We know the Yellowstone Harvest Fest is a time for endless fun and good times, but let’s not forget the importance of beauty sleep. After 2 AM, let’s keep the volume down and give our fellow festival-goers a chance to catch some Z’s. So, whether you’re singing your heart out or telling spooky stories, let’s keep it chill and respect each other’s need for rest.

5 MPH Speed Limit

We kindly ask all drivers to take it easy and stick to the ‘5 MPH Speed Limit’ while cruisin’ around the festival grounds. This will keep us all safe and sound, so we can enjoy the sweet sounds of country and bluegrass music and all the other festivities.

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