Charlie Denison

Charlie Denison has been playing shows all over Montana since 2008, sharing his unique style of folk and blues displayed on his solo EP Whispers of the Lonely, recorded in Nashville by Justin Wade Tam of Humming House.
At the second annual Yellowstone Harvest Fest Denison will be joined by John Turner on harmonica and Mark Iwaniak on lead guitar. Turner has been part of the Montana scene for years, playing with the Illuminators and several Helena-based groups. He has also recorded and performed with bands in Arizona. Iwaniak has long been a staple of Montana’s music scene and beyond. He’s toured with Nashville show bands, released many solo albums, played with the Prairie Dogs, Americana artist Heather Lingle and others.
Denison, Turner and Iwaniak compliment each other well and make beautiful, melodic jams you don’t want to miss.
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