Matt Wallin & His Nervous Breakdown

Growing up a few miles south of the Canadian border in rural North Dakota, Matt Wallin tells stories about the trials and hardships of rural farm life and oil boomtowns to starting a family and following your own path, wherever that leads you. His songs paint pictures, with writing that reflect the character of Mike Cooley, Corb Lund, Waylon Jennings and Vic Chestnutt.

Songs you can see when you hear them. Recorded in Bozeman, with production help from Max Davies (Kitchen Dwellers) and engi-
neering help from John Griffith (Dusty Pockets) the songs on Ravens hit on ethereal parts of human life. Love, connections, regret and death. Dead ends, failures, hopes and the future are all themes that are interwoven into the fabric of Matt’s songs.

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